Seton image The first native-born American to be proclaimed Saint in the Roman Catholic Church is a woman whose life paralleled the history of our country.

Elizabeth Ann Seton lived every role possible for a woman. She was a daughter, debutante, wife, mother, widow, convert, a grieving parent and the founder of the first congregations of women religious in America, the Sisters of Charity.

Canonized in Rome in 1975, she brought honor and distinction to the city of her birth, On the eve of her canonization, Terence Cardinal Cooke, then Archbishop of' New York wrote: In Elizabeth Ann Seton we have a Saint for our times; In Elizabeth Ann Seton we wave a woman of faith; for a time of doubt and uncertainty; In Elizabeth Ann Seton we have a woman of love for a time of coldness and division; In Elizabeth Ann Seton we have a woman of hope for a time of crisis and discouragement; Thanks be to God for this saintly daughter of' New York , For this valiant woman of God's Church!